AFC Urgent Care Springfield & West Springfield offer services to help you recover from a non-life threatening physical injury. A physical injury is never planned but sometimes life can be unpredictable. If you have suffered from an injury, odds are you want to be treated quickly, if you go to an emergency room you may be stuck in a waiting room for hours just waiting to get your hand stitched up. At AFC Urgent Care we offer lower wait times as well as a lower cost than your average emergency room. No matter the injury, as long as it is non-life threatening we have you covered. An example of some physical injuries we take care of are:

Cuts and Lacerations

If you have received a cut or laceration any longer than 1 cm then we advise you to come into one of our centers to get stitches. Our medical staff is qualified to give this procedure. It is important once you receive a deep cut or laceration to get it cleaned immediately any foreign particles in your skin such as glass, dirt, chemicals, etc. can lead to further complications.

Breaks and Fractures

AFC Urgent Care Springfield and West Springfield are both equipped with the technology to give x-rays! If you had an awkward fall or bent a finger the wrong way, your body will tell you something is wrong. Our medical staff will assess what the extent of your injury is, then give you advice on what your next course of action should be.


Sometimes when we think we have broken a bone it turns out we have just bruised it. This is still no problem! Our staff will be able to diagnose and give you the correct medicine for the pain. If you ever have any questions about your injury our Staff will always be able to provide some professional advice.

If you have any more questions about our services please contact AFC Urgent Care Springfield at 413.782.4878 and West Springfield at 413.781.0100