Certain jobs come with different sets of requirements and standards that need to be met in order to safely perform the day-to-day actions associated with the position, especially if the job requires physical labor. At companies hiring drivers, warehouse workers, and shipping handlers, management needs to make sure that employees are safe and normal operations can commence without risking injury to other workers or customers. AFC Urgent Care Springfield works with local organizations to provide necessary occupational health services to employees, from physicals at any time during employment to injury treatment and monitoring. Some of the occupational health services we provide include:

Occupational Health Services in Springfield & West Springfield, MA

Regardless of where you are in your hiring process, the team at AFC Urgent Care Springfield will be able to provide you with the medical care you need. Our center offers convenient evening and weekend hours to best accommodate your schedule and accepts most major insurance providers. Whether you are in need of a simple blood pressure screening or a drug screen, we will be able to process results in our on-site lab and provide them to you by the end of your visit in order to expedite your hiring or certification process. For more information about our services, please call our Springfield office at 413-782-4878 or our West Springfield center at 413-781-0100.